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Featured Sculpture

“Nanook” (Spirit of the polar bears)

By William Rosewood

Nanook, also known as Nanoek. Is a spirit that was present with the first inhabitants of the north pole. This skull is believed to be the second largest ever found. Living in the arctic, this polar bear was often found on ice flows and led a simple nomadic life.

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This Month’s Featured Artists

Roberto Canduela

Roberto Canduela is one of the most remarkable emerging sculptors of the new artistic scene in Spain. He has done more than 60 expos, exhibited in Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany and Holland, and won several prizes. He gets the inspirations from classic forms that he puts together with modernity through simplification.

Janet Indick

As an artist and as a woman, I react to what is around me. Nature, art, architecture, music, history and current events motivate me to create my metal sculptures. I transform rigid raw materials by manipulation of simple geometric shapes, patterning curves, angles and lines that interact with the space surrounding them.