Art consulting is an international art consulting firm that works with corporate and professional art investors to value collections as well as individual works of art and oversee the buying and selling process. Oftentimes the most unique and valuable works of art are not up for auction, they are owned by private collectors for many generations. Or they are for sale through highly specialized boutique dealers or auctioneers known only in the smallest circles.

Similarly, the right art buyers are oftentimes not scouring the major auction houses for one piece or another, they are passive collectors connected with one or a few dealers who understand their taste and bring private opportunities to their attention. We have a worldwide network of contacts to artists, dealers and buyers.

There is a famous Wall Street quote that you buy on rumors and sell on news. We believe that word of mouth is immensely valuable. The timeliness and accuracy of our information about the private art market can create a significant advantage for our clients.

Aside from finding buyers or sellers, there are major tax, legal, security and insurance-related issues that arise when buying, selling
and transporting major works of art. We are knowledgeable about these issues and maintain active relationships with key players in these related industries. Sometimes knowing the right people makes all the difference in getting deals done.

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Featured Sculpture

“Nanook” (Spirit of the polar bears)

By William Rosewood

Nanook, also known as Nanoek. Is a spirit that was present with the first inhabitants of the north pole. This skull is believed to be the second largest ever found. Living in the arctic, this polar bear was often found on ice flows and led a simple nomadic life.

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Featured Sculptor

William Rosewood

William Rosewood, a talented twenty-three year old artist. He discovered the world of art when he was little. He was always exploring new things, designing and looking for solutions. When Rosewood was sixteen years old he started his own clothing business. Having no business experience beforehand, he had thrown himself into the deep end, working on meetings, sponsorships and promotion on his own. When he turned 17 he attended the Willem de Kooning Academy. Here Rosewood learned the artistry in commercial image-making. Whilst he graduated in February 2015 he got his bachelors degree in fine arts, he doesn’t have any fond memories of his time at the academy. Rosewood became rebellious towards the simple-minded ideas that were generally accepted. Assuredly he went against the grain and maintained and created his own perception. He developed a particular interest in exploring and pushing the limit of what is possible.

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