Community Mausoleum and Columbarium Consulting, Design & Construction

The right community mausoleum and/or columbarium can be an excellent investment for your cemetery. There are multiple companies that build mausoleums. Most of them build something generic and indistinguishable from what is available at many other area cemeteries. If you’re looking to improve the cemetery’s services and bottom line by adding something very desirable rather than something plain and generic, you should meet with us and compare our ideas to those of other companies. Any reputable company is going to use the best granite and experienced builders, so the whole difference is really in the design.

Here at, we work with renowned sculpture artists and mausoleum designers to create spaces that are beautiful, unique and refreshing. People with the means to be selective will want a classically designed mausoleum on the outside which is modern and comfortable within. At the end of the day, mausoleums exist for the living to spend time with the deceased, and their comfort should be a paramount consideration.

We have access to a diverse group of accomplished artists who work with a variety of materials and styles. You might prefer one artist who works with stone to create the physical structure of the mausoleum, and a separate interior artist who works with glass to design a beautiful niche wall, skylight, etc. This artist might also focus on designing for the physical comfort of the visitors.

These can be big differentiating factors that create a clear distinction between one community mausoleum and another – and make a big difference when it comes to ROI for your cemetery. If you are potentially interested in working with us to design and build a community mausoleum, please contact us here.