Private Mausoleums By Top Stone Sculptors

Custom Mausoleum Design and Construction By Well-Known Contemporary Artists

Our artists create timeless mausoleums, distinctively crafted to honor your lineage as singular works of art. We work exclusively with world-renowned sculpture artists to design and build a mausoleum that is fitting to preserve the cherished memory of your family members.

If you’ve seen many mausoleums, you’ll know that there can be a difference in the feelings they convey. There are many factors that account for the power of a mausoleum, including its location, quality of construction, and of course, their design. works with family members to bring your vision to life in every step of the process.

Mausoleum Location & Construction

Cemeteries will sell you the land for the mausoleum, but often they will not advise you as to the benefits and disadvantages of one location over another. Monument companies almost never build the mausoleums themselves, so they also may be of limited help in selecting the right location. Selecting the right plot should be done with the help of an engineering and design team that understands the unique characteristics of each plot and how it will impact the final design and cost of the project. A mausoleum built on the top of a hill, for instance, will require different considerations than one built near a lake.

Installing the mausoleum can take several months and requires a construction team that specializes in building mausoleums. The construction team needs to work very closely with the cemetery’s engineering and architectural staff, as well as the municipality. Ultimately, it should reflect the unique history, wishes, and stylistic desires of the family, and be constructed to last for countless generations.

Our team has the best licensed, insured and experienced mausoleum specialists in the country. Their work is meant to pass the test of time.

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