Custom Architectural Sculpture By Top Artists works closely with architects, developers, designers and private collectors to commission large-scale works of architectural sculpture. Over many years we have cultivated relationships with internationally recognized contemporary sculptors across many different styles and materials. Because of the breadth and depth of our contacts in the art world, we can serve as your sole point of contact regardless of what you need.

Common types of sculpture that real estate and design professionals commission through us include :

  • Large-scale artistic lighting fixtures & installations
  • Monuments, memorials and mausoleums made of stone or bronze
  • Original large scale works of public art
  • Fountains and sculptures for outdoor spaces
  • Wall relief sculptures, stone moldings and handrails
  • Statues made of bronze or stone (sports-related, public figures, etc.)
Major reasons why architects, designers and developers work with us include:

Superior access to artists otherwise unavailable due to high demand

Getting your custom commission accepted by a renowned artist is notoriously difficult. It is no exaggeration to say well-known artists have 50 commission requests at any given time, and they take on very few of them. We understand what commissions each artist is interested in and on what terms. Because we bring the right opportunities and because we create a positive experience by partnering closely with our architect and designer clientele, we can oftentimes get commission requests priority consideration, faster completion times and better prices than someone would get who does not have pre-existing relationships with the sculptors.

Awareness of the greatest artists you’ve never heard of

Sometimes your budget is limited and your timeframe is tight but you still need something grand for your project. You’re willing to work with a highly talented emerging artist whom you know you could rely on to get the job done, but you don’t know of any such artist.

Neither does almost anybody else, including other sculptors. In the industry we joke that the best sculptors are the absolute worst self-promoters. It has to do with being innately introspective. We have full-time “investigators” who spend all day hunting down lesser known but highly talented sculptors who have created large-scale works of art that are important locally, just not as well-recognized on the national and international scale.

Completely original artwork instead of a fabrication company’s “custom” stock designs

Many sculptors have essentially become fabricators who are in it for volume, not for quality. They have a “design team” for the benefit of architects and designers who need it, but the design is really not their focus and the end product is often based on stock designs and disappointing. Oftentimes for the same price, you could have gotten something genuinely original by a professional artist who takes huge pride in their work. if you had known where to look.

A single source for all your sculpture needs regardless of design, price, time or material specs

Possibly the top reason architects and designers enjoy doing business with us is the diversity of needs we can meet. We can get work done in bronze, granite, marble, glass or whatever material the job might call for, at any scale, and meet a variety of timeframes, price points and installation locations.

Additionally, we’ve been around for over a decade and we’re not going anywhere. If we start your job, we’re going to finish it. When you need additional sculpture a year or two later for another job, we’re still going to be here.

To further discuss your needs and how we might be able to help, please contact us here.