Art Market Research & Appraisal Services

We offer for our clients a sophisticated network of market experts in various genres of art. Our research team can put together extensive analysis to assist private art collectors, corporate art buyers, hedge funds and insurance companies in evaluating the risks and rewards associated with various artists and works of art.

Common questions which we help our clients address are:

  1. Which contemporary artists’ brands are rising the fastest?
  2. Which contemporary artists are neglecting their brands and should be sold off?
  3. Which individual works by a given artist will likely yield the greatest gains?
  4. Which works in a given artistic genre or sub-genre will be the most valuable?
  5. What is the likely range that a work would fall into on purchase or sale via auction?
  6. In a private sale, how much should we offer to pay, or sell a work for?
  7. What are the niche emerging markets that have the most potential?
  8. What is the likely effect of Event X on Art Market Y?
  9. What are the likely risks and rewards of attempting a restoration of a given piece?
  10. What kind of acquisitions will enhance vs. detract from the overall value of my collection?

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