Custom Stone Sculptures and Statues – Marble, Granite, Slate

Stone sculptors and stone carvers are not the easiest to come by. It has taken over a decade for us to build the relationships necessary to fast-track the process of commissioning a stone sculpture. We offer the highest degree of certainty that the job will be done on time, on budget and according to the specifications, including being true to our patron’s vision for a masterpiece that will last forever.

Our sculptors range from renowned contemporary abstract artists whose work is collected by the most respected investors to statue artists whose magnificent, detailed work will make a statement for countless generations to stone carvers whose claim to fame is architectural stonework for important buildings in major cities.

Because we work with such a diverse group of talented sculptors, we are able to offer a highly sophisticated and diverse group of services from entire memorial buildings such as community mausoleums, to elaborate marble and bronze statutes and memorials to plaques, public fountains, wall reliefs, moldings and handrails.

Architects, builders, municipalities and private collectors turn to for the following reasons:

  • Large, diverse group of artists to meet differing price points, deadlines, materials, styles, locations and other specifications.
  • Exclusive artists grant favored status to reputable organizations such as that offer consistent, quality work.

  • Commitment to faithfully executing your vision. Many stone sculptors have become wholesale fabricators of architectural stonework and lack the time and interest to really make a masterpiece. We work for you, overseeing the entire process and keeping the focus on your vision. All of our sculptors know that if we see any decline in individual quality, the relationship is over.
  • Continuity of service. Creating stone sculpture can take a few months depending on the complexity of the job and during that time things can happen. When you deal with a sculpture gallery instead of an individual sculptor, if one sculptor becomes unavailable, you have the gallery behind you to get the job back on track.

If you have a vision and would like to see it memorialized in stone forever, contact us here.