Giant Panda – Wei- Sculpture for sale by artist William Rosewood

“Wei” (Brilliant) – Giant Panda – William Rosewood

Giant pandas are distributed in mountain ranges of central China. The most specialized herbivore of all carnivores, the panda eats bamboo almost exclusively, taking over 12 hours a day to eat what they require to obtain sufficient nourishment. Their broad, flat molars and strong jaws are adapted for crushing the bamboo stalks. Pandas evolved a modified carpal bone, the well known “panda’s thumb,” to help them better grasp the bamboo stalks while eating. The larger male may weigh around 250 pounds and reach lengths of 5 feet. Graciously loaned to us by the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences, a portion of each sale goes to the museum to further their research.

57″ H x 57″ W x 13″D

Reproduction Skull 24 K Gold Leaf

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