Custom Memorial Stones: Hand-Carved Headstones, Tombstones & Grave Markers

At the most basic level, a grave marker exists so that visitors can find the deceased, but a much more meaningful use is to convey to the living the beauty and splendor of that person’s life. offers access to the finest contemporary stone and bronze sculptors, statue carvers and sculptural storytellers. Artists whom you might otherwise never have the occasion to meet and work with, who will take the time to speak with you extensively about your project, look at family albums, letters, articles and whatever other meaningful materials you have, and then execute something truly magnificent and original to inspire future generations.

A gravestone should tell a story, not just mark a physical location. Many people simply do not realize that cemeteries will allow significant artistic expression within the bounds of their guidelines. This situation is not helped by the fact that many monument dealers import fancy-looking but generic and low quality gravestones and statutes from China and India. They engrave them here and call them custom because it is so much more profitable than hiring artists to do completely original work on excellent quality stone that will last forever.

Here are some examples of custom grave markers that many cemeteries will allow:

  • Relief sculpture carvings of a treasured moment or photograph
  • Abstract works of art carved from magnificent blocks of stone
  • Favorite poems, stories, or quotes, surrounded by carved scenes
  • Any of the above cast as a bronze plaque and attached to rare and beautiful stone, such as red or black granite, or a boulder of a rare and beautiful color in its natural shape

If you would like to explore the world of possibilities to honor your loved ones, please contact us here.