Public Art Consultants For Architects, Designers & Private Sculpture Collectors consults with designers, architects, public organizations and private collectors seeking to commission original large-scale works of art for sculpture gardens, public spaces and commercial buildings. We enjoy privileged relationships with many leading contemporary sculptors across a wide spectrum of styles and materials. Some sculptors are highly recognized and currently in great demand with long waiting lists. We can oftentimes reduce the wait for our clients. Other sculptors are highly talented but have shorter waiting lists due to less publicity. We offer our advisory clients the greatest possible awareness and access to whichever artists can best fulfill their needs.

For public art buyers, the right sculpture by the right artist can create a major tourist attraction worth millions of dollars. A monumental public work of art is a great investment because it’s a rolling stone. Once a few important guidebooks and journalists recognize the uniqueness of the art, countless other publications copy those recommendations for decades to come. There are just not that many landmark works of public art and those that do exist become famous quickly. This is why major hotels, restaurants and corporations invest so heavily in public art.

For private collectors, sculpture gardens with beautiful contemporary art or timeless bronze or stone statues can prove to be both enjoyable and lucrative. Not long ago, an article in Forbes reported that, over a number of different time periods, art outperformed the S&P 500. Even in the months following September 11th, amid recession and war, art auction houses saw new sales records set for more than thirty artists. A study by New York University, which examined twenty seven recessions and four wars, concluded that art values tend to hold up well during periods of economic difficulty and that art indexes always outperform major stock indexes during times of war.

When buying art, there is one truth that above all others serves to make the risks worth taking: If you buy something because you love it or for its beauty or personal appeal, you can never really lose.

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