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Artist Susan Clinard began her sculpture career over sixteen years ago. She works in wood, clay, bronze, stone and mixed media. Susan has taught in some of American’s finest art institutions and has been awarded substantial private and public commissions. Clinard’s sculptures can also be found in many private collections worldwide. Susan’s sculptures reflect her strong desire to honor nature’s pure form. Whether she is sculpting from life or carving wood, Susan strives to reveal nature’s truths, distorted or with perfect symmetry. She also finds inspiration in humanity’s constant cycle of tearing down and rebuilding. Her work explores that duality between the ugly and the beautiful: she cannot see one without the other: they are one and the same.

Critics have referred to her work as deeply moving, haunting and unnerving. There is genuine honest introspection apparent in her work while she simultaneously manages to peer through humanity’s kaleidoscope.

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