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Bianca Pratorius

Bianca Pratorius was born in Cologne, Germany in 1969. She started her formal trainingat the Holzfachschule, Köln where she received her degree in fine furniture building and design and subsequently moved to Miami where she attended International Fine Arts College. She now lives and works in the Miami area.

Artist Statement
“In my work I explore pattern, structure and repetition through the use of simple yet labor- intensive processes. I continuously investigate different materials for their structural and tactile potential and the process of selecting them is very deliberate.
The soft forms I create from felt revolve around the process of hand cutting the felt into very organized ladder type pattern which seems to dissolve into organized chaos upon installation. The forms are never preconceived, but are created spontaneously upon installation by letting the inherent sensuality of the material express itself.
My pieces counteract the notion of an object’s or sculpture’s permanence as they are unplanned expressions on a wall or space that can never be repeated exactly once the form is removed.
My collages satisfy my need to translate what I have created in 3-D into a 2-D format. The process of creating a 2-D language around the felt sculptures is an ongoing one. I use various printmaking techniques as well as drawing and other mixed media techniques to create the collages.
I continue to explore and follow the leads of my own content and thus my work has become a sort of self perpetuating organism continuously shifting back and forth between 3-D and 2-D.

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