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I have worked as a sculptor for most of my life. It was in a three-dimensional design course in college, much like the course I teach at Columbia College Chicago, that I became fascinated with space, form and time. I soon had my own studio. It was well outfitted, pieces were in process and I was there working during most available hours. That was long ago: indeed, little has changed over the years except that what began as a fascination of space, form and time has now developed into something akin to awe. The pursuit of new ideas notwithstanding, each sculpture I build becomes yet a further exploration of things I thought I knew. I am, in the words of the poet Rilke, “. . . always a beginner.”

My formal education was at Illinois State University: BS degree 1962; MS degree 1966. I’ve taught at many places. I love to teach. Watching a student awaken to an idea, then bring it into reality, simply stops the clock with joy.

Sculptures I’m especially proud of are Meridian VII, a stainless steel commissioned outdoor sculpture, at the entrance to the Chicago Police Headquarters Building, 35th and South Michigan Ave, in 2002; Meridian VI, a stainless steel commissioned outdoor sculpture, at the entrance to the Central Illinois Regional Airport, Bloomington, IL., in 2002; Meridian I, a stainless steel commissioned outdoor sculpture, at the Watertown Unified School District High School Campus, Watertown, WI., in 1996; Vision, a stainless steel commissioned indoor sculpture, at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, in 1999.

Growing up on the south side of Chicago in the 1940’s and early 1950’s. . . well, my roots run deep in this city. Chicago’s always home.

Photo taken by Peggy Shern, Chicago, IL.

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