Frequently Asked Questions

How is shipping and setup handled? provides a push-button service. We handle all elements of shipping as well as setup in your home. There is an additional fee for these services depending on the weight and delicacy of the sculpture.

How can I learn more about the artist or piece in which I am interested?

We are happy to do anything we can to help you get better acquainted with the work. Specifically, we can arrange telephone calls or personal meetings with the artists. Often, the best way to select the right piece of sculpture is by viewing the work in the place where it was first created.

Can you help me find a sculptor that suits my particular needs?

It is our pleasure to search for the right sculptor for you. Simply give us as much information as you can and we will come back to you with names and specific works.

Can I get a better deal?

The prices listed on our website are the market values of the sculpture. If you are particularly interested in an artist and wish to buy multiple pieces, there is the possibility of negotiation.

May I come in to speak with you about my sculpture-related needs?

We welcome potential buyers and appreciators of sculpture alike.