Casey Horn Sculpture For Sale Gallery

Intrigued by the Japanese culture, Casey captures the ancient art of Kanji in contemporary form, creating sculpture that embodies synergy. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind stylized representation, hand-formed out of sheet bronze and stainless steel.

“My desire is to create sculpture that moves the viewer from a state of curiosity to discovery.” By engaging the interest of the viewer, through an investment of them self, the underlying meaning of the art is revealed, understood and experienced on a deeper level.

This transformation, from interest to investment, creates a relationship between the artist and the person engaged.”

Artist’s Available Works:

  • Tranquility
    Warm earth tones combine with sleek silver line to...
  • Fire
    The visible textures beneath the surface of “Fire” create...
  • Woman
    Statuesque and curvaceous, “Woman” reflects the beauty and strength...
  • Evening
    The night’s darkness seems to slowly creep up on...
  • Child
    The image mirrored by the polished surface signifies how...

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