Wonderland – By Eileen Shahbazian

Stretching outwards like fast-growing branches or eager tentacles, Shahbazian’s beams are imbued with a spirit that transforms any environment into a marvelous imaginary realm. Organically familiar yet bearing the mystery of an otherworldly life force, “Wonderland” invites the viewer to adventure into its fantastic world.

Abstract, Bronze, Outdoor

79 inches tall
15 inches long
40 inches wide




Artist’s Available Works:

  • Vapor Trail II
    Shahbazian transforms the usually unseen movement of air and...
  • Outcrop
    Protruding through their bulbous pod, three tubular shoots sprout...
  • Pear
    No longer a mere snack, this “Pear,” standing over...
  • Blueberry
    This modern take on the classical still life provides...
  • Traverse
    Moving to and fro, over and through, crossing and...
  • Alignment
    Properly positioned so as to fit perfectly into one...
  • Dimensions
    Shahbazian’s panels explore spatial elements...
  • Wonderland
    Shahbazian transforms the usually unseen movement of air and...
  • Intelligent Being
    Simply rounded and with one flared eye protruding starkly...
  • Receptivity
    With fluted spouts emerging from the top and side...

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