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Curt Brill - Contemporary Sculpture

For more than 30 years my emphasis has been on the Human figure. I have produced over 300 different bronze figures. The work has evolved over the years from a more strict formal, academic style to a loose and flowing portrayal of how I see the changing nature of the Human experience. Most of the work has been bought for private collections and smaller corporations, where intimate settings have housed the work. What I express in the work is a reflection of my changing view of a world of Universal nature. Even though I do live and work in Arizona, the thoughts that I convey through my work are not focused on a southwestern theme nor do I strive for any political expression.

In the tradition of all great public art, the work is intended to be seen. It is not intended to blend into the natural environment or reproduce the natural environment. Great public art has always given us pause from our daily routines. Whether to bring a smile to our faces or encourage us to quietly look further inward, public arts can serve a loftier goal than mere decoration.

My emphasis in producing public works is to bring a sense of intimacy into public settings. The success of the work is probably best gauged by its ability to encourage people to notice the work, congregate near and want to revisit the work and for the work itself to encourage a connectedness between all of us.

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