The Waltz

The Waltz – By Candace Knapp

Harmoniously bound in each other’s rhythm, these violins imaginatively dance “The Waltz’s” steps.  Knapp’s instruments appear to sway to their own tune, at once accentuating and transcending their instrumental forms.  Moving briskly and purposefully, the duo glides through space, guided by the boundless potential of their inner notes.

Figurative, Wood

33 inches tall

14 inches long
13 inches wide




Artist’s Available Works:

  • Appassionata
    The musical term that informs a musician to play...
  • The Waltz
    Harmoniously bound in each other’s rhythm, these violins imaginatively...
  • Water Dance
    Swooping through space like water that has been energized...
  • Dormant Wish
    A small white bird emerges from its wooden nest...
  • Light In The Clouds
    Embodying a sense of hope and rejuvenation, this carved...
  • Jimi
    Dedicated to the musical innovations of legendary guitarist Jimi...
  • Litigation
    Designed through a public art program for the Hillsborough...
  • Gershwin Surprise II
    Tinkling through space like fingers over keys, “Gershwin Surprise”...

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