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Matt Proctor - Contemporary Sculpture

I was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and I have also lived in Colorado, Vermont, Alaska and Arizona. The wildly varying landscapes of these locations have all influenced my work tremendously. In 1999, I received my MFA in sculpture from Arizona State University. Currently I live and work in a 100 year old warehouse close to downtown Portland, Oregon.

I work in the media that is most appropriate to the project. Aluminum reflects the color and light that surrounds it. Bronze absorbs light and wants to dominate a space. Wood can be very silent but warm, and steel cold and loud. Of course those are generalizations, and some of my most satisfying work comes from forcing a material to take on a personality with which it is not comfortable.

My work stems from two different levels of decision making: At the conceptual level are specific themes I work into a sculpture. Those conceptual ideas usually come from current events or some social concern I feel passionate about. Underlying the current conceptual concerns are deeper ways of working that affect the aesthetic qualities of the work. I often merge organic shapes with industrial forms or give a sculpture hints of life and personality. I am interested in the ways humans interact with nature. When I hike in the country, my eye is drawn to the old evidence of human activity. Things like a crumbling wall falling away into the earth, or a rusty pile of tin cans with plants sprouting up through them fascinate me. My art-making decisions are influenced by these underling interests and preferences I have built up over a lifetime.

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