Pacific Crater

Pacific Crater – By Martha Walker

Like an excavated relic, mined from deep sea depths, Walker’s “Pacific Crater” appears as a strange symbol from a distant past or a compelling future.   Weighty yet hollow, this crater draws the viewer into and through its core, intensely activating the space and commanding attention.

Abstract, Metal

16 inches round
6 inches deep

Puddled Steel



Artist’s Available Works:

  • Pacific Crater
    Like an excavated relic, mined from deep sea depths...
  • Hope
    Sprouting upward with a sense of great anticipation...
  • Aphrodite
    According to legend, the goddess Aphrodite was born from...
  • Embrace
    Darkly foreboding, one would be remiss to eagerly enter...
  • Nest
    Dark, empty and menacing, Walker’s “Nest” turns the comfort...
  • Birth
    A small form emerges, separates, and is lifted up...
  • T'kiyyah, Sound of the Shofar
    Dangerously carving the air in which it lives, "T'kiyyah"...
  • Tempest
    Style: Abstract, Steel, Outdoor
  • Passion Unfurled
    Style: Abstract, Steel, Outdoor
  • Secret Spot
    Style: Abstract, Steel, Outdoor
  • Seedling
    Style: Abstract, Steel, Outdoor
  • Pearl
    Style: Abstract, Steel, Outdoor

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