Relic – By J. Mac

Each layer of J. Mac’s “Relic” contrasts against the next as it draws you in but also perhaps pushes you away. The smooth blue-black inner core is enclosed by a prickly layer of spikes which is in turn enveloped by an undulating layer of rope. Just as traditional relics are protected and revered with their own layers of encasement, both physically and metaphorically, J. Mac invites us to contemplate a new “Relic” for the modern world.

Abstract, Figurative

22 inches tall
15 inches wide
15 inches deep

Fiberglass, Rope, Nails and Paint



Artist’s Available Works:

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  • Relic
    Each layer of J. Mac’s “Relic” contrasts against the...
  • Segment
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  • Guidance
    Two turquoise hands lead each other through a swirling...

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