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Commission A Portrait Sculpture

Paula Slater - Classic Figurative and Portrait Sculpture

Paula Slater's style gracefully combines the influences of East and West, the real and the fantastic. Working in bronze, her limited edition artworks capture the excitement, beauty, and harmony of particular moments in time. Slater works meticulously and with care to be sure that every detail of her whimsical creations comes to life in her sometimes miniature, sometimes monumental sculpture. Read More

Hellen Eberhardie Dunn - Classic Figurative and Portrait Sculpture

Hellen has been making sculpture for twenty-five years in a variety of media. She creates both public and private commissions as well as installations and performances. Materials are specific to each project. Stone is her first love and bronze has become a medium as public works have progressed. . Read More

Loren Senge - Contemporary Sculpture

Before school each day, I took my surfboard down to the beach and spent an hour surfing. This first freedom was a love affair. The ocean caressed me and won my heart forever. Still in my heart are the waves of those early mornings, tumbling me off my board, the sting of inhaled salt water, fingers too cold to snap my pants back on.
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Larry Griffis - Portrait Sculpture and Contemporary Sculpture

My life has been influenced and affected by art from an early age. Exploring the ruins of Rome as a young boy, I was impressed by the size and age-old beauty of the broken rock of previous empires. The way nature came back to cover over what was old and neglected and mingle with architectural marble of the past offered incredible views of past and present.
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Brian Kakas - Contemporary Sculpture

Brian Kakas has been working within the ceramic art field for more than ten years. Though his artworks are created purely from clay, they are influenced by fabrication techniques and experiences in architectural metal work, textile, bronze casting, woodworking, landscaping and masonry industries. Kakas' recent work is exploring the interrelationships and intentions between the maker and the material. Through his aspired process of invention, his intent is to find natural form by staying true to chosen materials and their inherent properties.
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Gordon Huether - Contemporary Sculpture

Through his many commissions, public art projects, and art exhibitions, Huether has developed an innate sensitivity to and mastery of a variety of media. Inspired by material qualities and how they effect an environment, Huether often chooses, but is not limited to using glass, neon, metal, paint, acrylic, water, light, found objects, and recycled materials. Read More

Adam Brown - Digital Artist and Inventor

Possessing an early background in engineering and a propensity toward the sciences, Adam Brown is an Intermedia artist with a concentration in electronic media. Emphasizing the similarities among seemingly disparate disciplines, his creative activity seeks to discover new forms and ideas resulting from interactions among science, technology, and art. More specifically, he is interested in the interface between the body, mind and the circuit. The result of this practice blends digital media with physical materials that strive to make contributions to both art and science that he calls Symbiotic Media. Read More

John Evans - Contemporary Wood and Bronze Sculpture

John Evans' Contemporary wood and bronze sculptures are exhibited and sold in art galleries across the United States for residential and corporate environments. A native of Ohio, Evans received his BFA degree from Ohio University, where he studied under friend and internationally recognized sculptor David Hostetler, and earned his MFA degree in sculpture from The Instituto Allende, University of Guanajuato, Mexico. Read More

Mike Flanagan - Wildlife Bronze Sculpture

Continually inspired by his surroundings, the mountains, wildlife, and the cowboy way, Mike Flanagan was raised in Texas before moving to Wyoming in 1967. Mike is close to the land in all his endeavors. He enjoys riding horses, working cattle, fishing and spending lots of time in the great out-of-doors. Mike's work has been sought after by collectors ranging from the late John Wayne to Vice President Dick Cheney. Read More

David Boyajian - Contemporary Sculpture

David Boyajian chooses his materials and forms carefully, often beginning with architectural elements and then shaping them into his designs. Inspired by the environment, transformation, and the ideas of regeneration and growth, Boyajian hopes his themes will communicate a sense of community, tolerance and acceptance. Read More

Ed McCullough - Contemporary Sculpture

Ed McCullough is fascinated with ideas of space, form and time. Having worked as a sculptor for most of his life, McCullough is also an active teacher and loves sharing his knowledge of the arts with students. McCullough likes to think of himself as a perpetual beginniner, constantly using his work to explore his ideas about himself and the world around him. Read More

Steve Jensen - Contemporary Sculpture

Steven Jensen's work is strongly influenced by a long line of Norwegian fisherman to which he belongs. Nauctical themes permeate his work and his bold curving lines seem inspired by flowing air and water. Attentive to the relationship between human life and natural order, Jensen's work steeped in tradition yet modern in its approach.
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Gary Christopherson - Contemporary Sculpture

Gary “GChris” Christopherson creates mobile and static sculptures under the signature GChris.  Inspired by the design tradition of Alexander Calder, GChris uses the power of art to question the world around him and to call for social change.  With his strong sense of optimism and desire to make a positive impact, GChris’s work encorporates bold design with personal experience. Read More

Susan Clinard - Classical and Contemporary Figurative Sculpture

Artist Susan Clinard began her sculpture career over sixteen years ago. She works in wood, clay, bronze, stone and mixed media. Susan has taught in some of American's finest art institutions and has been awarded substantial private and public commissions. Clinard's sculptures can also be found in many private collections worldwide. Read More

Susumu Ikegami - Contemporary Stone Sculpture

Susumu Ikegami is a figurehead in Japanese stone sculpture. This nationally and internationally celebrated Japanese stone sculptor has spent more than two decades devoted to his art and now sees his works prominently displayed in numerous public places across Japan. Read More

Casper Patrick - Contemporary Sculpture

I have been working with these unique sculptures for over 14 years. I have never been to art school and I think that is why my art has such a different look than other artists. Because I have never been told to do certain things, the ideas for my work have come naturally. Read More

Candace Knapp - Contemporary Sculpture

I work in wood because it is a living material. Even after the tree has been cut down, dried and made into boards, it still has a personality. A tree that has been bent by the wind for years will spring back when the board is run through the table saw because the tension is locked inside. Read More

Nick Edmonds - Contemporary Wood Sculpture

Nick Edmonds strives for a movement and flow in his sculptures that continues long after the works have left his studio.  His 3-D landscapes create exciting, fantastical worlds that draw the viewer in by emphasizing small, energetic details and turning them into monumental environments. Read More

Nancy Azara - Contemporary Sculpture

Nancy Azara is a sculptor and book artist who has shown her work in New York City throughout the U.S. and abroad. Her spiritually infused sculpture is carved, assembled, and painted wood with gold and silver leaf and encaustic. Read More

Robert Sanabria - Contemporary Sculpture

Born in Texas and raised in California, Sanabria's life as an artist began long before receiving an MFA from the University of Maryland. An early fascination with modeling the human form and direct stone carving developed and set a form language that has influenced his work ever since. Read More

Casey Horn - Contemporary Japanese Characters Sculpture

Intrigued by the Japanese culture, Casey captures the ancient art of Kanji in contemporary form, creating sculpture that embodies synergy. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind stylized representation, hand-formed out of sheet bronze and stainless steel. Read More

Wenling Chen - Contemporary Sculpture

Wenling Chen was born in 1969 in Anxi, Fujian China. He studied at the Xiamen Academy of Art and Design, and at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. He is now living and working in Xiamen and Beijing as a professional artist. Read More

Andy Zimmermann - Contemporary Sculpture

Andy Zimmermann is a Boston-based sculptor who works in a wide variety of media, from cast and welded bronze to digital sound and animation. Read More

Lawrence Argent - Contemporary Sculpture

Lawrence Argent's art encompasses a breadth of form, materials and site that engage the viewer in questioning the assumed. Argent's interventions envelope a path of consciousness through which the physical promotes the non-physical in which the sublime emerges as a vehicle traversing a slippery foundation in the gap between stimulus and response. Read More

Martha Walker - Contemporary Sculpture

Martha was born in 1953 in Kansas City, Missouri, the youngest in the family, and the only girl. The family moved from Kansas City to St. Louis, Missouri, followed by Carmel California, and Seattle Washington, all by the time Martha was eight years old. Read More

Timothy Hochstetter - Contemporary Sculpture

Timothy Hochstetter is an intuitive engineer specializing in the art of combination. He brings a lifetime of personal development and exploration to his blown glass and inflated steel sculptures. Read More

Carolina Sardi - Contemporary Sculpture

Carolina Sardi is an Argentinean sculptor established in Miami since 1995. She earned her Master in Sculpture at the National University of La Plata, in her country. She also studied Architecture and Urbanism at the same University and Sculpture with the artist Enio Iommi. Read More

Matt Proctor - Contemporary Sculpture

I was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and I have also lived in Colorado, Vermont, Alaska and Arizona. The wildly varying landscapes of these locations have all influenced my work tremendously. In 1999, I received my MFA in sculpture from Arizona State University. Currently I live and work in a 100 year old warehouse close to downtown Portland, Oregon. Read More

J. Mac - Contemporary Sculpture

J. Mac is a Canadian sculptor whose work encompasses the human element. Through the sculptural medium she reflects what she sees around her whether it be the politics of living, social ramifications of the environment, or humor derived from our human frailties. Read More

Jane B. Grimm - Contemporary Sculpture

Jane B. Grimm is a ceramic sculptor living and working in San Francisco. She was born and raised there. After her schooling on the East Coast where she studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and where she received her AB from Sarah Lawrence College, she started her career as a jewelry designer and manufacturer in New York City. Read More

Mark P. Williamson - Contemporary Sculpture

My work brings updated perspectives to stone sculpture. My pieces incorporate innovations and the use of non-traditional materials such that the organic nature of stone is preserved but revealed. Read More

Eileen Shahbazian - Contemporary Sculpture

Eileen Shahbazian has worked with stone, wood and bronze for over 20 years. She has exhibited in galleries and museums in California and across the country. Private parties, corporations and most recently, an American Embassy overseas, have collected her works. Read More

Ellen Jantzen - Contemporary Sculpture

Ellen Jantzen is inspired with the natural world; rock formations, seed pods, nests, eggs; shapes that resonate with birth, rebirth and growth. She is also intrigued with unusual plant forms; succulents and cacti and also with animal and insect-made structures. By exploring the nature of recycled paper and its sculptural qualities, she creates forms that respond to nature. Read More

Roberta Daar - Contemporary Wood Wall Sculpture

"Ms. Daar's constructions deal with rhythms...and effectively occupy the middle ground between the tangible and the if to challenge the imagination." Helen Harrison, The New York Times Read More

Aristides Demetrios - Contemporary Sculpture

For four decades, Aristides Burton Demetrios has been creating and fabricating sculpture, admired by thousands who have enjoyed his public works, and cherished by private collectors who have commissioned or procured for their homes his sensual fountains, lyrical bronze figures, or boldly colored painted abstracts. Over these forty years, Demetrios has artfully moved between figurative pieces that draw on his love of history and literature, and abstract pieces whose meaning is a duet of discovery between the artist and the viewer. Read More

Carol Feuerman - Contemporary Sculpture

Carole is acknowledged as one of the major American realist sculptors. For 30 years, she has owned and operated Feuerman Studios Inc., where she creates her artworks and exhibits both her work and the work of other artists. She was included in "An American Odyssey 1945-1980" with the most prominent artists of the American post-WWII era. Read More

Curt Brill - Contemporary Sculpture

For more than 30 years my emphasis has been on the Human figure. I have produced over 300 different bronze figures. The work has evolved over the years from a more strict formal, academic style to a loose and flowing portrayal of how I see the changing nature of the Human experience. Read More

Vivienne Riggio - Contemporary Sculpture

My life and artwork remain more fluid and organic when I bring natural elements and history into the pieces. Whether it's a Victorian style dress embellished with sea kelp and tiny sea horses or forged metal combined w/ distressed or rigidized fabrics, the combination resonates with the waves and curls of my internal wiring. Read More